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How InSoFast Works

Foam Types and Mold Issues:

What makes InSoFast® ideal for both basement and retrofit applications starts with the unique properties of the foam and the specialized process that it is manufactured with.  InSoFast® is formed with high-density closed-cell foam that is not damaged by moisture.  InSoFast® works to protect your structure.  It’s like installing a protective layer of Gortex® fabric which is noted for its ability to shed water while still being able to “breathe” and to allow drying under extreme conditions.

InSoFast® offers an extreme advantage over other types of insulation.  The common Pink or Blue type of (XPS) extruded closed-cell foam insulation board
used in thickness of more than ¾” will form a vapor barrier and prevent drying of the wall system which can lead to trapped moisture problems.  This also applies to any other type of insulation board with a “foil face” or “plastic skin”.

Other foam products like the open cells of the low density “bead board” and even the spray in open cell foam products, including conventional fiberglass insulation, are proven to work well when kept dry.  However, when exposed excess moisture or water, like in the typical basement, these systems are capable of soaking up and storing large amounts of water like a sponge.
Because of the inability to shed water and dry quickly when located within conventional framing, the wood or even just the paper on the drywall is all that is needed for mold growth.  Almost 80% of lawsuits in the construction industry are related to moisture, water, or mold.

The fully insulated polypropylene studs of the InSoFast® panel are just one more safeguard from mold.  These studs which are integral in each of the InSoFast® panels will not warp, rot or decay and also provide the perfect base for attaching siding or drywall eliminating screw pops.  InSoFast® is truly a user friendly, healthy, and mold resistant product for your home.


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